Five Most Essential Components Of An Excellent Essay

Essays are very common but an excellent essay is not. While an excellent essay is hard to find, they are not that difficult to write if you take care to analyze what makes an excellent essay. The content and size may vary but most excellent essays shine in certain aspects.

  • The topic and approach
  • This is of primary importance as it should hook the reader into further reading. Often the topic is given or the choice is limited but the approach to the topic can be innovative and creative enough to evoke interest. The title of the essay also plays an important role in this. Another factor which is important about the topic is how contemporary and relevant the topic is.

  • The language
  • Language is the life of an essay. We often comment on how well written the essay is. A mundane topic also can be brought to life by the sheer brilliance of the language used. Interestingly the best essays are always written in the simplest way. It is a hard thing to do but a simple easy language communicates more effectively.

  • The structuring
  • Information to be communicated has to be delivered sequentially. A good essay does just that. The total information is divided into major components which are sequenced in a way to provoke and sustain interest throughout the essay. The important points or highlights are spread in way so that the reader moves on easily and naturally from one part to the next.

  • The introduction
  • This is arguably the most important chapter or segment in the whole essay. Generally the introduction exposes the topic or subject to the reader and tries to indulge him into the rest of the essay. To hook the readers there can be a number of ways to start your introduction but a common method is to use a shocking or alarming piece of information

  • Cohesiveness of the article
  • The introduction can be explicit and evoke your interest to read on, but if the rest of the essay do not support the introduction then you turn off and the purpose of the essay is lost. Good essays build on the intelligent distribution of the key facts or information in other segments or chapters as well and employ a logical progression through them. This logical progression and connection to the detailed information or facts about the topic should be natural and easy for better readability. A good essay maintains its perspective and doesn’t incorporate redundant information.

Academic essays like a thesis or dissertation sometimes differ in their presentation and approach but these attributes are found in most of the excellent essays.