A Collection Of Unique Essay Topics On The Most Recent Event

Writing an essay on contemporary events can be an exciting task but that is only if you have been following global happenings. If you are like most students, there is barely time to catch up on such issues and you will find it hard crafting a topic for your essay.

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Professional Help for Essay Topics

One of the most problematic areas in academic writing is coming up with a topic for your project. The choice of topic will determine the success or failure of the entire project. A good topic must be interesting enough to motivate you. It should also be thought-provoking such that the reader is glued to the end.

If you are working with an essay writers service this is one of the main services they deliver. If you are currently preparing to start your essay, below are some of the topics you can use to compose an exciting essay. Here you go:

  1. How has the immigration debate shaped the current state of western politics and economies? Are the current plans on the refugee problem working?
  2. Brexit is considered a big blunder by most countries both in Europe and further afield. Is there any evidence to prove this so far? (use an essay revision service to see samples written so far on this topic)
  3. The health care debate that has been raging on in the U.S has a direct impact in the economy? Is this statement true? If so, expound on the proposition.
  4. The current funding for NASA vis-à-vis education and social services funding is not justified. What is your take?
  5. Is N.A.T.O. an effective body or has it outlived its relevance in the current global situation?
  6. Why is China still not attracting more foreigners to settle despite its famed economic prowess?
  7. Is racism a big issue in sports or just a storm in a teacup? Use specific examples to support your proposition. (If unsure on how to start, work with a college essay review service to get professional help).
  8. Are film and music awards biased in terms of religion, gender and politics? Give examples when arguing your case.
  9. Why is there so much debate on the Affordable Care Act?
  10. Can AIDs infection rate go down to zero across the world? Discuss the current situation and plans being implemented to make this a reality.
  11. Global warming is a farce? What is your take on this assertion by some global political leaders?

These are just a few of the topics a fast essay writing service can provide to get you started. You will have a dedicated writer to work with and this helps guarantee the quality of essay you submit.