A List Of Outstanding Essay Topics For The Those Who Love Sports

If you are writing an essay on sports, you will be overwhelmed by the large body of literature available in this area. This is a good reason you should consider using the best essay writing service. Sports now form a huge part of modern life with sporting professionals becoming more prominent in society.

Influence of Sport Legends

The influence of sports heroes like Michael Jordan, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Michael Phelps among others is now being felt outside their respective sports. Their exploits in sports has now spilled over into other aspects of society thus shining a new light on sports.

More Focus on Sports

Other than these personalities, there is a raft of other pertinent issues in sports ranging from corruption, gender imbalance, drug use among many other issues. Writing your essay will thus require more intense research and you might end up submitting a half-baked paper if you are pressed for time.

Banking on Professional Writing Help

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Best Topics for your Sports Essay

One of the most important services you will get from the best online essay writing service is a suggestion of topics. For a sports essay, some of the interesting topics you can work on include:

  1. Should animal sports such as bullfighting, dog and horse racing be banned? Do they qualify to be classified as sporting activities?
  2. Alcohol and tobacco adverts during sports events do more harm than good. Discuss
  3. Being a good sport person doesn’t automatically qualify one to become a good coach. Use examples to discuss this.
  4. Is the role of a coach overrated? Does an athlete’s inborn talent play a bigger role in their success?
  5. Drug use is the worst thing to ever happen to sports. (this is a broad area in sports and you can seek help from an essay writing service cheapest solutions)
  6. Female tennis players will never reach the level of their male colleagues in the current setting
  7. Basketball or baseball? Which is greater and why do you say so?
  8. In the light of gender equality, should female players be allowed to play in male teams especially in non-contact sports?
  9. Is NFL too violent to qualify for a sport’s league? Is intimidating for students who are not inclined to sports?
  10. One of the greatest concerns in sports today is discrimination in all leagues on race, sex and gender
  11. Has technology ruined the whole idea of competitiveness in sports? Could this be the reason why countries with more resources win more medals in global sporting events?
  12. Is the NFL national anthem protest justified? Support your argument.

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